So, what’s your reason?

Do you ever stop and ask yourself, “Why do I belong to this church?

Some of your reasons may also be mine, others not so much. (Hint: they change over time.)

Fifteen years ago, I had custody of a five year old. He was the poster child for ADHD. A great kid, but a non-stop human tornado/dynamo. So, of course, I brought him to Religious Education every Sunday! My conversation with Joanne was like, “Here!! See you after the service” and I’d run for the sanctuary. If you’ve watched Joanne during Children’s Focus, she never loses a beat!

It wasn’t just Joanne. Sometimes the Sheelers voluntarily took him home after church (and then to the emergency room after he led Jesse astray). Brandy watched him so I could serve on my committees. Everyone watched him, it seemed while he was at church, correcting him when I wasn’t around. As I was walking toward him, a member was just saying, “Please can’t put your face in the middle of a cake again!Quick confession:I U-turned and hid.

So, RE was a big reason for me. Now, it’s the Sunday Morning Forum where I smarten up my brain. (No kids, no cake.)

This church has been my community for more than fifteen years.

So, what’s your reason?

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One Response to So, what’s your reason?

  1. Lehni says:

    There are so many reasons. I came at first because I needed a community where I felt I could belong. An accepting, caring, challenging group of people. A group I could accept as well and relearn how to be in community. The UUFP people were so warm and welcoming. I found the Sunday Forum and I was hooked. I find I like going to church services even more than I expected I would. We get rock solid sermons and sharing here. I only hope I have as good to give as I am getting. The people here! I have heard people comment, and I agree, that we have quite a Brain Trust here. I believe we also have quite a Heart Trust. I am glad I found the UUFP.

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