When do we eat?

By now, you’ve received an invitation to the All Fellowship dinner on Saturday March 12! If not, please let me know in the comment section or by email. Here’s why you should reply:

  1. There’s food!
  2. Connie Keller is making the dinner. Well, OK, she’s ordering the dinner. (Means the same thing in my home.)
  3. Members of the Policy Board will be in attendance, so you can ask them really difficult questions!
  4. And, now, the big math question (answer is in #5): If Connie invites over 100 members, how many should she cook plan for?
  5. That’s why you should reply “yes” or “no.” Connie needs to know.
  6. Let’s make Connie happy!

Connie Keller

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One Response to When do we eat?

  1. jmdingus says:

    I won’t be able to make it.Joanne

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