Man, it’s cold outside!

Look around you and on Facebook and you’ll see everyone bundled up. Heavy coats, sweaters and probably Long Johns. (How did John get underwear named after him? Anyone know?)

Now think about how some of the folks in our community are homeless and suffering with this dangerous cold. As I write this, it is 20 degrees outside! And I wonder what they’re doing.

Hopefully, a lot of them woke up in a PORT shelter with hot coffee and a warm breakfast.

This Sunday we’re collecting for PORT by sharing the basket. Our volunteers will be Standing on the Side of Love March 2-3 at Warwick Memorial Church to run PORT that night and they need you and me to fund their efforts.

Please bring money on Sunday for the basket or go NOW on-line make a thoughtful, caring gift to PORT.


This is how UUFP rolls

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3 Responses to Man, it’s cold outside!

  1. Henry Chambers III says:

    Correction. Our PORT night is early evening March 6th into the morning of March 7th. Please sign up with me or Bobbie Shilling to help out.

    Thank You,

    Henry >

  2. Bobbie Schilling says:

    Actually, the UUFP volunteers will work PORT on Sunday evening, March 6th, to Monday morning, March 7.

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