Big Weekend!


The First Sunday is awash with opportunities to support St. Paul’s Good Fridays, our Share the Basket partner. Volunteers help prepare and serve meals every 3rd Friday of the month year-round for the homeless and those living on the edge.

It’s also when many of us pay our pledges!

And you can take care of all of it right now using your favorite communication device: tablet, smart phone or computer. Just click and support the Fellowship and help buy groceries for the folks who need them.

See you at church tomorrow!

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One Response to Big Weekend!

  1. Rosalee Pfister says:

    I just made my monthly pledge and other contributions so easily! I like being able to add money to the causes I want to support as well as being able to help with the HVAC fund. This is especially helpful since I am not always in the sanctuary at the time the baskets are being passed. Great system!

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