Your Amazon Update

Since July 1, we’ve earned $589 with five months to go with a real possibility of ending this year with $1,000!

Amazon has become one of the most dependable means of support for the Fellowship other than pledges.

And, now they’ve added a buffet! All the Kindle books you can read and all the audio books you can listen to. And you don’t have to even own a Kindle! You can read or listen on your computer, tablet or phone! And they’ll let you try them for free for 30 days!

Thanks so much for supporting the Fellowship when you go to Amazon. You’re making a difference.


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2 Responses to Your Amazon Update

  1. David Walsh says:

    Lehni, you can use the Amazon link on the eFlame or you can use any Amazon link on

  2. Lehni says:

    Oh. How do I make sure I support the fellowship?

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