January Birthdays


Join us in wishing a warm Happy Birthday to the following UUFP members:
Robin Van Tine
Esther Sherman
Kathy Black
Alice Callahan
Cathy Coley
Ava Strom
Andy Anderson
Shirley Grice
Calista (Callie) Gulick
Bryan Higginbottom
Clifton Chadwick
Christine Woods
Marj Gates
Ethan Farthing
Greg Gecowets
Michelle Sheeler
Deane Reis
Amy Allen
Carole Shaw
Brandy Bergenstock
Skye Van Tine
Lauren Chambers

If you have a birthday in January that we overlooked, or are not aware of, please contact Bobbie at membership@uufp.org.

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One Response to January Birthdays

  1. Marcy Stutzman says:

    Hi Rayven,

    Can you have the spelling corrected for Bryan for future things? It is Higinbotham rather than higginbottom (as it appears on the list).


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