Admit it. It seems like we’re always asking for money!

That’s because we are and it’s your fault.

It’s because you’re so passionate about the world that you think feeding the homeless is essential to a better planet. You believe children deserve a first-class religious education. You think that offering a safe environment for open and honest discussions is imperative for everyone. You believe that freedom of religion and choice for everyone is necessary for a more perfect world.

You share the blame because you share compassion. It’s in your DNA to want to save the world, a little every day. You demand that the world be better and you’re willing to work for it.

So, until you stop caring and as long as you want to change the world, we’ll keep asking for money for our Fellowship.


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One Response to Admit it. It seems like we’re always asking for money!

  1. Lehni says:

    David. You have a real flair for this! Happy New Year UUFP!

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