The Fellowship’s inheritance

Did you know that you can endow a chair at some colleges for as little as one million dollars ($1,000,000)?


But, did you know that you can endow a church (your church) for a heck of a lot less? Here’s what it’s about and how you can be a part:

The Endowment mission is simple: help support the long term mission of Unitarian Universalism and our congregation. The Endowment Fund is a financial account whose principal is never spent and, like an inheritance, is passed on to benefit future generations. The interest gained on the principal is used annually to fund special programs that the UUFP members propose.

Help in two ways:

Make a gift today with a check marked in the memo, “Endowment.” Or wait and do it on-line for Giving Tuesday.*

Add the UUFP to your will. Simply add a line leaving money to the Fellowship. (Some folks change the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or stocks to UUFP!)

* Giving Tuesday is a global holiday when families and communities come together to give a little more.  More info coming! Can’t wait?

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  1. Lehni says:

    Excellent idea. As I can, I will!

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