Making it look like a piece of cake!

Being the Finance Chair is the easiest job in the church! Just surround yourself with dedicated volunteers and get out of the way.

Last Saturday’s auction looked like well-oiled machine and here’s why:auction audience

Decorations and seating arrangements don’t just happen. Gayle Phillips and Lynn Ogelsby spent hours getting this just right.

Imagine dinner for more than 50 people? Somehow, Joanne Dingus, Rayven Holmes and Marcy Stutzman made it look like a piece of cake. (It wasn’t, even though there was cake.)

Speaking of food, Pat Yaros and Gayle Phillips spent their Sunday’s in a sandwich board selling tickets!

 silent auction


Did you see the silent auction? It was beautiful! Only Tara Joseph could take all those things and turn them into art.

No catch and release that night. Our fishing team, Mason & Patricia Moseley and Brad & Cheré Harper reeled in their catches and turned them over to…auctioneers

…Jay Joseph, Matt Thompson, Pat Yaros and Steve Farthing for the finish! (With brand new cutting edge auction software contributed by Jay and Tara.)

The Maestro was Brandy Bergenstock: recruiting, planning and conducting.

Most of all, she made sure that everyone had a good time!


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2 Responses to Making it look like a piece of cake!

  1. Sandy says:

    It takes a village Thank you Brandy et al.!!

  2. Alan says:

    Thank you Auction team, Great job.

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