Joanne’s kids

I’m writing to you this morning to tell you about Joanne Dingus and the impact she’s made on our kids and the impact she’s making.

In 2001 I was raising a 5 year old and he was a handful. He could be in 17 places at the same time! Patiently, Joanne worked with him with that magic touch she has. When he moved back with his family in 2008, he was instilled with a stronger sense of caring and how he was a part of something better because Joanne got to him!

Not once did Joanne lose her temper. In fact, she always took whatever time was needed to teach this wild child! He’s in his 20’s now, but still talks about “Miss Joanne.”

When I pay my pledge, I always have a mental image of Joanne. Sometimes, it’s this image. Joanne Other times, this. Joanne D

I’m so proud that we have always put such a strong financial emphasis on Joanne’s kids and continue to do so today. This is my personal reason for asking you to keep your pledge up-to-date, in case you’re wondering.

Best wishes,


PS: If you’ve had or have a Joanne kid, write to me so I can share your stories, too.

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