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Jim SandersonUUFP Vice-President Jim Sanderson gave this member testimonial at a Sunday service earlier this year.

I was asked me to talk about my experience as part of a hospitality team, but I thought I would do it a little differently and discuss how I decided to join up.

When Alan first brought the idea to the Board, the Council of Committees and the Sunday Services Committee — and I’m on all three! — I immmediately thought “What a great way for people to get involved with the Fellowship.”  That is, other people.  After all there did not seem to be any lack of UUFP commitments on my calendar.  So what turned me around?  Several things, actually.

1) I did not want to disappoint Alan.

2) This is, in fact, important religious work.  Bill Schulz, former UUA President, has written “This is the mission of our faith: to teach the fragile art of hospitality; …”  Indeed every major faith regards hospitality as a duty.

3) Sunday morning is very important to me.  I have spent a great deal of time and effort working for several years with the Sunday Services Committee.  Sunday morning is when we all come together as a faith community, when we gather to be with one another.  Hospitality teams offer another dimension to our Sunday mornings and our sense of community.

4) When I have been asked if we Unitarian Universalists should “spread the faith”, I have always responded that “What we have is either worth sharing or it’s not.”  I feel that it very much is.  What better way to show newcomers how important we feel it is that they have sought us out then to be part of welcoming them here.

So I think it was by the third e-mail prompt — UUs are persistent! — that I signed on.  Has it been worth it?  Hell, yeah!  I have had a chance to get to know my team members on a deeper level.  I have approached and engaged folks I might have missed the chance to know otherwise.  I have seen the Fellowship draw closer, and I have found one more way to be part of my beloved community.


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Andrew serves as minister to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula in Newport News, Virginia.
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