We must be an army. Sort of…

We must be an army since they travel on their stomachs and the UUFP always seems to have food at every event!

Unlike an army, though, there’s no one “up the command” telling us what to do. We are the command. We decide how we will treat each other, when we will meet, what activities we will participate in. And, it works really well.

But, it also means that we—alone—are responsible. We have to show up! To Sunday services, committee meetings or helping cut the grass. And, paying our pledges on time. Remember that commitment card you filled out last spring?

83% of our budget is funded by those pledges.

Is yours up-to-date? If not, please bring a check this Sunday. Or, better yet, make it happen NOW at http://tinyurl.com/UUFP-PLEDGE.

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