Sandy Burkes-Campbell, Policy Board President, UUFP

Sandy Burkes-Campbell,
Policy Board President, UUFP

Submitted by Sandy Burkes-Campbell

September 12, 2015

In July our Finance Director Dan Moore regretfully resigned his term. Since that time I have been working with the Leadership Development committee and its chair Michelle Sheeler to find a new finance chair. Last week the committee recommended David Walsh to that position. The board approved my appointment of David as Finance director on Wednesday September 9th. He has accepted the position and is excited to serve. David has been finance director in the past, is currently on the finance committee and has knowledge of church finances and fundraising.

Many newer members may not realize that the finance director, in addition to being a member of the policy board, is responsible for the preparation of our annual budget and funding it through contributions and fundraising activities. David will also chair the finance committee (FICOM) and will be looking for new members to serve with him on this very important committee. Please contact David if you would like serve on FICOM. I know he would welcome new members!

You can contact him at davidwalsh@cox.net with questions or ideas!

Many thanks to both Dan and David for their past and future contributions to the financial wellbeing of the Fellowship

Sandy Burkes-Campbell, Policy Board President, UUFP

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