World View

by Mike Roy


Bucket showers, vegan meals, and saplings.  Lots of saplings.  These are what you’ll come across on an average day at Sadhana Forest, a reforestation projected located in Tamil Nadu, India’s southernmost state.  Mike Roy, son of Fellowship members Barbara Linde and Jeffrey Hinkley, and veteran of the UUFP Youth Group 1996-2002, has spent six months there as a short-term volunteer and is preparing to return for a year as a long-termer.  He will be sharing his and Sadhana’s story on Sunday, August 30th’ at the Adult R.E. forum in a presentation called “Sadhana Forest: A Forest in the Making.”


          Mike’s multimedia presentation will include a short history of Sadhana Forest’s transformation from a single family’s homestead to one of the largest residential volunteer projects in India, hosting over 1,000 volunteers yearly and gaining recognition from numerous Indian and international environmental organizations, including being awarded 3rd place in 2010’s Humanitarian Water and Food Awards.   The presentation will also contain explanations of the ongoing water conservation and tree-planting efforts, descriptions of the various low-impact living systems in place, and reflections on the experience living in an international intentional community with volunteers from dozens of countries.

All are welcome to attend.  There will be time for questions both during and after the presentation. Sunday, August 30th, 9:30AM.  Adult RE, Administration building.

More information about Sadhana Forest is available at

Mike’s personal website, a blog recounting his 3-year, 20,000-mile bicycle ride from South Korea to Sadhana Forest, is located at

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