School Supply Drive

Joanne Dingus  (Director of Religious Education)

Joanne Dingus
(Director of Religious Education)

Children’s RE and The Got Kids Group are having a school supply drive to benefit the Boys and Girls Club. If you are school supply shopping for your own kids or would just like to help some kids this year, please pick up an item or two to help the Boys and Girls Club!

You may begin bringing in items from now until September 20th. The Got Kids group will package up the items and make back to school notes of encouragement to include with the donations. Here is a list of possible items from Elementary through Middle school.

K-5: 1 backpack (large enough for a 3-ring binder)• 1 bottle of foaming hand soap or refill• 1 box of wipes or wipe refills• 1 box of tissues• 1 container of disinfecting wipes• 2 rolls of paper towels •1 bottle of hand sanitizer •2 boxes of crayons (16 or 24) • 2 dozen pencils• 4 glue sticks• 1 zippered pencil pouch• 1 pack washable markers• 3 packs wide-ruled notebook paper• (2nd -5 th only) 2 composition books

6th Grade General Supply List •white loose leaf paper •100 page composition notebooks (5 to start, more will be needed) •mechanical pencils with extra lead OR #2 pencils & hand‐sharpener and erasers •blue or black ink pens and a red pen for checking •colored pencils/colored markers •4 function calculator for home use •2 large boxes tissues •glue sticks/scotch tape •6 inch English/metric ruler •highlighters •pencil pouches to fit into binders •1 ½ – 2” 3-ring binders (1 per core class) •headphones/earbuds for laptop use •2 spiral composition notebooks •Clear packing tape Optional Items: •hand sanitizer •small scissors •disinfectant wipes •construction paper •colored printer paper

 Additional Items for Sixth Grade TAG Team: • Heavy Duty Page Protectors (to be used in binders, approximately 60) • 1 roll of clear packing tape • 1 pack of stick‐on Divider Tabs and 1 pack of 3-ring binder divider pages • Graph paper (~35 sheets, for math) • 3 Highlighters, any color (2 for math, 1 for English) • Pocket dictionary or dictionary app for approved electronic device (English) • 1 pack of Post-It Notes

7th Grade General Supply List • 10- 100 page composition notebooks (more may be needed) • notebook paper • 1 ½ “ 3-ring binders • 2 boxes of tissues • glue sticks • colored pencils • blue or black ink pens and a red pen for checking • mechanical pencils with extra lead OR #2 pencils & hand‐sharpener and erasers • highlighters • 3×5 index cards • page protectors • 4-function calculator (for home use) • 1 English/metric ruler • pencil pouch • 2 packs of dry erase markers • 1 package 11″ x 14″ poster board • headphones/earbuds for laptop use Optional Items: •hand sanitizer •small scissors

Additional Items for Seventh Grade TAG Team: • dividers • calculator (recommend TI-30X IIS) • index cards • notebook hole reinforcements

8th Grade General Supply List • Wide rule notebook paper • 2” 3-ring binders • mechanical pencils with extra lead OR #2 pencils & hand‐sharpener and erasers • blue or black ink pens and a red pen for checking • colored pencils/colored markers • notebook hole reinforcements • 2 large boxes tissues • glue sticks • 1 English/metric ruler • highlighters • pencil pouch • graph paper • write-on tab dividers (10 pack) • scientific calculator • 4 function calculator • USB drive • index cards • composition books – (100 pages) 5 (black & white) • dry erase markers • Geometry students need compass, protractor, shapes template. • Headphones/earbuds

 Additional Items for Eighth Grade TAG Team: • College rule notebook paper Optional Items for the TAG Team: • Page Protectors • Whiteout • Graph Paper (1/4 inch) • Graphing Calculator (TI83Plus or TI84)


Note- These lists came from Jenkins and Gildersleeve


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