Monday’s Mass March for Voting Rights


Virginia UUs at the pre-march rally.

from Chris Hockman

On Monday I had the opportunity to go to Winston-Salem, NC to witness for voting rights, where North Carolina residents are saying “This is Our Selma.”

What Was the March About?

The march was scheduled for Monday the 13th because it was the first day of the federal court hearing in Winston-Salem of North Carolina NAACP v. McCrory, a lawsuit to reverse North Carolina’s unconstitutional and immoral voter suppression law. North Carolina’s law is the first and the worst since the 2013 Shelby v. Holder decision that gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The outcome of this historic case in North Carolina will have an impact on voting rights across the nation. The hearing is expected to go on for several weeks.


Getting ready to walk to the rally. UUs from Richmond and Glen Allen congregations (and me in the white hat)!

March Day

The day was full of speakers from the numerous organizations fighting what many of them call the “monster law.” Then at 4:00 pm, about 6,000 people gathered for a rally and 10.5- block march through downtown Winston-Salem. It was amazing to see so many faiths and organizations come together for an event and meet so many committed, passionate people.

IMG_0721For more information visit this article on, which contains links to additional media coverage on the contested law and the march.

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