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Mary-Elizabeth Cotton
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…an easy way to pay

Like any church, we need funds to support our general operations, in summer keeping the A/C on, the grass cut, etc.  In winter we need heat and year round we need water, kitchen supplies, office supplies – not to mention the minister’s salary and staff compensation  – all those things it takes to run a church.  Even so, the operational budget is stretched thin and this year items were either cut or left stagnant.  This doesn’t support the growth that the congregation yearns for.

We may feel as if we have a “new building” given how nice the inside of the Sanctuary is with renovations and a new look after the burst pipe. That’s a good feeling and everyone is enjoying the new ambience. However, there are two major concerns with the building that should be addressed as soon as possible – the need for a new roof and a new HVAC system.  The HVAC may be the original (I was told by representatives of companies from whom I requested estimates a couple years ago that they are 25-30 years old.)  The roof has leaked more than once, with “bandaid” fixes.  We do have a capital fund but it won’t stretch far enough for these needs.

Finally, we have several outreach programs we support either directly or indirectly through “Share the Basket”.  Through the leadership of our Student Minister Chris we are considering embarking on another exciting outreach program – our nearby neighbors The Boys’ & Girls’ Club.  To support these worthy causes takes our volunteer work as well as our donations of money.

Nearly all of us do our finances, banking, and bill paying online. Support of your religious home, your community, your extended family can be done easily the same way.  If you go to our web site uufp.org and click on “Members” at the top (but you don’t have to be a member), then “Pay Your Pledge” in the drop down, it will take you to a page where you can make one-time payments for pledges, for the building fund, for the groups we support, or the Endowment Fund.  You can even set up automatically recurring payments to any of these.  This saves you from remembering a check on Sunday.  You can also pay with a credit card – earning points if you have that kind of card which most are these days.

With our busy lives it is easy to forget a check on Sunday or to mail one during the week; it is easy to forget the needs of our own extended “family” – our church – as well as those of our adopted groups.  Vanco, the company that processes these online payments makes it easy to keep up with a pledge, help out with the needs of the congregation or those of our outreach programs.  Check it out and see!  “Set it and forget it” as they say, and you’ll know you’re doing your part.



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    Thank you for pointing this out. It is easy, convenient and done for my pledge. Thank you.

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