Independence Day Food for Thought

hotdogs_mainAs we prepare to celebrate our military families with a cookout on Saturday, July 18th – and don’t forget to sign up here – I thought I’d share part of a blog post from Rev. Cynthia Kane. She calls her blog “Captain Reverend Mother,” the meeting and merging of the military, ministry, and motherhood. She writes of hope for a patriotism that includes “the hard process of facing our national truths.”

So here we are, right up against the Fourth of July. I am a lover of the Fourth. I love it all. I love the cookouts and cold slabs of watermelon. I love the sparklers. I love the fireworks. I love those miniature American flags. I always have.

This Independence Day, however, I’m worried for my nation. Mandela and Tutu are right: for there to be reconciliation—for us to move forward as a nation, given our deep history of racial injustice—there has to be some actual truth-telling first. It means letting go of some cherished self-concepts and beginning to admit that maybe, just maybe, there are cracks and fissures in our perfect sense of the world.

So this Fourth, I will celebrate the wonderful things this nation represents. And I’ll be praying that instead of reasserting myths and delusions, we might begin the hard process of facing our national truths.

You can read the full post here. Wishing you a happy and reflective Independence Day!

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