A Symbol For Who We Are


Submitted by Rayven Holmes

Symbols have power.  This is something we all know to be true.  No matter what it is, from symbols of love and peace to those of war and hate.  Symbols have the power to evoke reactions in each of us without using a single word.  UU’s have a symbol, the flaming chalice.  It’s supposed to be our guide in our world full of darkness it burns brightly to show us the way forward.  There are thousands of chalice designs online.  Some have even graced our website, the order of service, and special event flyers.  While those chalices are beautifully done and they do let people know we’re Unitarian Universalist, what they don’t tell is who we are.  It’s the symbol of our faith and yet UUFP doesn’t have its own unique chalice design.  We lack a symbol of our own that says to the world we are the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula and we’re here to shine our light of love and acceptance on the world.


What is a congregation without its own chalice design to do?

So, what do we do?  We create one, of course.  Through the month of July, UUFP will be hosting a logo design contest.  Who can enter?  Anyone, who feels so lead, to create a design just for UUFP.


Are you excited about the possibility of going down in UUFP history as the first person to design our logo?  Yes?  Fantastic!  While your creative juices start flowing let’s go over some basics, alright?


  1. The submission deadline is August 1st, 2015 if you are mailing your submission in, it must be postmarked August 1st.  You can:
    1. Email a JPEG or PDF of your design to: communications@uufp.org OR
    2. Mail your design to:                                                                                                           Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula                                                              ℅ Communications Committee                                                                                           13136 Warwick Blvd                                                                                                     Newport News VA 23602
  2. The design must be an original and unique chalice design.  Entries will be run through a Google Image Search to ensure they are originals.
  3. Mailed submissions must be on paper no larger than 8.5×11.
  4. If your design is chosen all rights are given to UUFP in its use and reproduction.
  5. Designs submitted by the deadline will be given to the UUFP Board for them to vote on the top three designs that best reflect UUFP.
  6. The chosen designs will then be displayed in the sanctuary for two weeks.  Allowing the congregation to vote for the design that will be turned into our logo.


It’s simple, but none of it can happen without your designs. So, go on!

Create! Inspire!

And leave your mark on the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula.


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4 Responses to A Symbol For Who We Are

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  2. Lehni says:

    On the street sign is the chalice with a sunburst. Is that not UUFP’s version of the chalice logo? I resonated with symbolism of the double circle and off-set chalice of the original design. Being a new UU it’s not “traditional” to me, but newly appreciated. Marvelous idea. I look forward to seeing what we all come up with.

    • acmillard says:

      Good questions, Lehni. The chalice-in-a starburst design was the Unitarian Universalist Association’s official logo prior to their current design of nested Us. The chalice-in-a-double-circle was the UUA’s logo before that 🙂 The UUA doesn’t mind member congregations using UUA logos, but at the end of the day they’re still the UUA’s designs rather than something that is distinctive to the UUFP. And we’re a distinct congregation so we deserve a distinct logo 🙂

  3. I like the one you show.

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