Sunday Services (June 2015)

Services for June 2015 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula

theme: Spirit

June 7th: “Unitarians of the Third Person” — Listen to it here.

The Christian doctrine of the Trinity declares that God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit are three distinct persons, yet are one essential nature.  Those who rejected that doctrine by declaring the full humanity of Jesus came to be known as Unitarians because they believed in God as one person.  A closer look at today’s Unitarian Universalism reveals just which person that is!

Special music will be offered by the UUFP’s Winds!

June 14th: “Memories of the Future”Listen to it here.

Let’s celebrate the Bridging of our oldest high-school youth into young adulthood, the beloved Unitarian Universalist rite of passage that takes place at the end of each church year.  We’ll hear from our bridgers about what it has meant to them to be part of this beloved community and how they’ll carry it forward into the next phase of their lives.

June 21st: “The Little Church that Did… and Can… and Should… and Will!”Listen to it here.

Let’s take the stories we already tell about ourselves and bring them together in celebration of the sort of abundant congregation we aspire to be.  Let’s build a new narrative that celebrates our achievements and inspires us to embrace a bold vision.  Let’s be a place where joys are celebrated, where injustices are confronted, where difficulties are overcome, and where hopes are shared.

Special music will be offered by the UUFP’s ChorUUs!

June 28th: “Spiritual but not Religious”Listen to it here.

Guest preacher Robert Coats will discuss how to embrace particular practices which help to enliven and uplift our spirits but which may not be recognized in some faith practices as being religiously significant.

Rev. Robert CoatsRev. Robert Coats has served the Metropolitan Community Church since 2005. Since returning to his home state of Virginia, he has been a frequent guest preacher at many of our sister UU congregations.  He holds a BA in History from Virginia Wesleyan College, a BA in English from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and an MDiv from the Episcopal Divinity School.


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Andrew serves as minister to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula in Newport News, Virginia.
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