RE NEWS by Joanne Dingus

RE News-Living Our Values

By Joanne Dingus

How do we live our UU values? Let me give you some examples.

At our last youth group meeting, we had the pleasure of hearing Mike Roy (Barbara Linde and Jeff Hinkley’s son) tell about his 2 year long bike ride around Asia. He rode over 20,000 miles in 14 countries, saw amazing sites and met wonderful people. But the most inspiring part of his journey was his three rules; no gas, no meat, no trash. He made the decision to live lightly on the earth which means he rides his bike everywhere he goes, he doesn’t eat meat and he creates almost zero waste.  Even though all his possessions, about 50lbs., fit on his bike,  you could tell by listening to him that he lives a life of abundant joy and has a great wealth of spirit.

The Navigator group also met that night. They were learning about the importance of water and keeping it clean. They watched a short video, heard a story and made a craft to help them get ready for the upcoming Clean the Bay project that Julia Wainwright has organized. Having Julia’s plan include an educational aspect supports our RE mission and we will continue that with a multi-age RE class on May 31st all about the importance of clean water.

Recently, Rayven Holmes organized a Green Sanctuary Day. She gave a wonderful talk about The Sustainable Church; how we keep members, reach out to new members, spread the good news of Unitarian Universalism.  She shared many ideas to make our communications about what we do more effective.

I also heard a guest speaker talk about solar panels which is something that Lin Chambers has been researching for our Fellowship. Our building is well suited for using solar power and that speaks directly to our 7th principle.

Speaking of communication and the 7th principle, one easy way to spread our values is through our Facebook presence. Robin van Tine, Susan Schneider and Andrew Millard are particularly good at sharing timely articles on climate change, organic food and human rights.

You may have seen a recent update on Facebook from Shelby Jennings. She and her husband and son are planting a huge garden this year. They know they will get way more produce than they can use themselves. Their plan is to find ways to distribute the fresh vegetables and fruits to others. Shelby would love to get our fellowship involved in planting, maintaining, harvesting and distributing. People of all ages are welcome to learn and work together. Let Shelby know how you want to help.

Chris Hockman has begun to share her plan for her student minister project. She has been meeting with the Boys and Girls Club to determine ways that our Fellowship can make a difference right in our own neighborhood.

Mary-Elizabeth Cotton is working on a creative new fundraiser. It’s a fashion show and clothing sale using previously owned outfits. This is a great way to recycle, have fun and support the work of our church.

These are just some of the ways I’ve witnessed. I’m sure all of you could come up with many more. May we all participate in the work that brings meaning to our lives and supports our UU values.

See you in the RE!

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