Calling all Editors!

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Brad Garbus
(FLAME Keeper)


We need your help!  We need someone who enjoys editing to assume the role as Chief Editor (Flame Keeper) of the eFlame.

Due to additional responsibilities, projects and personal health challenges I need to step down from my position on the eFlame, as soon as possible.

The role as chief editor is actually very flexible since the newsletter went electronic.   I will also make the transition very easy and even fully train my replacement and remain available to assist until you are comfortable with the interface.

Familiarity with WordPress is a huge plus, but not required.

If you have any questions or are interested in the position, please feel free to contact me directly.

With Gratitude,  Brad  (

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5 Responses to Calling all Editors!

  1. Hmmmmmm……… many articles a week, rough guess? – Mason

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  2. Pat Yaros says:

    Brad, if no one else volunteers, I will do it.

    Pat Yaros

  3. blm221 says:

    Hi Brad, I would like to talk more with you about the role. Barbara Linde

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