Sunday Services (March 2015)

Services for March 2015 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula

theme: Wisdom

“March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” — English proverb

March 1st: “This Friendly Place” (postponed from Feb. 22nd following the pipe burst!)

“I’m so happy that I’ve finally found a place where I feel I belong.”  “I just knew that this was the right place for me.”  “My friends are here; they know me for who I am.”  “I can be myself, and people love me anyway.”  “People here are so warm and friendly!”  “I can’t imagine feeling so welcome anywhere else.”  “This is where my family wants to be, in this friendly place.”

Special music will be offered by the UUFP’s ChorUUs!

March 8th: “To Teach The Hope That Is For All!”11am only at Sandy Bottom Nature Park

A primary source of hope for Unitarian Universalists is Universal Salvation, which is our call to create Heaven here on Earth.  It is crucial that we build this important call into our lifespan religious education programs.

MacPhersons at UUA General Assembly

Three generations of MacPhersons at the 2011 UUA General Assembly in Charlotte.

Rev. David Hicks MacPherson is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister.  He helped to build congregations and their buildings in Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.  A fifth-generation Universalist, his book Reclaiming Universal Salvation: Universalism Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow was published in 2011.  David is Minister Emeritus at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond.

March 15th: “Imagine the Change” — 11am only at Sandy Bottom Nature Park

The UUFP’s very own Teen Squad will share their views on the hit single “Imagine”.  The students have truly out-done themselves preparing for this service, asking themselves the same questions John Lennon asked.  Can you imagine a world with no countries, no religion, no possessions?  Can you imagine a world where people live in the moment, live lives of peace, and share with the world?

The Teen Squad

The Teen Squad

We are the Teen Squad: Jerry, Mayah, Caroline, Jesse, Daniel, Athena, Shea, Chris, Ezra, Arik and Asher.  We have been with this church for many years, during which we have helped at LINK, served dinners at social events, cleaned up on grounds days, and participated in RE classes and Youth Group.  We have prepared a Sunday morning service each year.

March 22nd: “Everyday Spirituality” — 11am only at Sandy Bottom Nature Park

It’s become something of a cliché in our culture to identify as “spiritual but not religious”, but what does it really mean?  And how does it relate to one of the primary Sources of (the religion of) Unitarian Universalism that is “direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces that create and uphold life”?

Special music will be offered by the UUFP’s ChorUUs!

March 29th: “Truly Good News” (Pulpit Swap Sunday) — 11am only at Sandy Bottom Nature Park

Rev. Andrew and the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists’ Rev. Jennifer Ryu will offer simultaneous services for Palm Sunday.


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