UUFP Pipe Burst and Flood!

Brandy Bergenstock

Brandy Bergenstock

Written by Brandy Bergenstock, Buildings Committee Chair

The extreme winter weather in February has left its mark on the Fellowship. We had a pipe burst on Saturday, Feb. 21st. How it happened: UUFP President, Alan Sheeler had arrived early to heat up the building in preparation for the snow shovelers coming to make sure our walkways and parking lot were fit for visitors that Sunday. He turned the heat on around eleven and went to lunch, arriving back at the Fellowship around noon, and that’s when he saw it; in just the span of an hour, a burst pipe from behind the kitchen cabinet, to the left of the dishwasher, had filled the entire kitchen, the left side of the foyer half-way to the library, filling the left side of the Sanctuary, bleeding down to the closets, under the podium, and then curling back out of the hymnal closet.

It was another forty-five minutes until the shut-off valve was discovered and the water stopped spewing into the building. It was from this tragedy that our congregation sprang into action. Within an hour of notification on social media, our congregation had ten percent of its members show up and clean, mop, empty closets, dry vac, move furniture, bring treats, set-up fans and generally step into action supporting each other and the sanctuary building.

It’s in times of need like these that we see the full strength of our congregation’s caring nature.  Even more people called and emailed the next day to find out what they could do to help out; bringing dehumidifiers and more fans to aid in the drying process.

Thank you to these people who were able to come out and lend a hand, and Saturday and Sunday – Alan S., Arik R., Tori R. Jeannine C., Athena K., Ezra M., Dan M., Nickie, John, Rayven H., Ken Haggard, Robert D., Randy P., Lin C., Parker S., Gayle Phillips, Greg G., Janet G., Angie, Marcy S., Connie Keller, Amy H. and Rev. Andrew.  And thank you to UUFP Administrator Mary-Elizabeth Cotton who has been working behind the scenes to call the insurance company  🙂


All images captured from UUFP Facebook page. (by Andrew & Brandy)

flood8 flood7 flood6 flood5 flood4 FLOOD2 FLOOD1



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  2. David Walsh says:

    So, it was all Alan’s fault. Just kidding because I can’t imagine what the damage would have been if he hadn’t come to the Fellowship on a Saturday! We really saw Stewardship in action with all the volunteers who stopped what they were doing to come to the church.

  3. Nicole Jones says:

    Have we figured out if there will need to be a special collection for damages or if the insurance will cover all of it?

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