“Winter’s Turning” poem

Winter’s Turning
     by Mary-Elizabeth Cotton
Though sometimes dark and dreary
this is a time of trust.
Unlike our ancestors we know
the sun will return,
Spring will come again
both warmth and light…
Hearth fires blaze
Candles burn brightly
Trees stand decorated with sparkling lights
a glow all around
as if beckoning to the sun
for its return.
We trust when time is right
The earth will tilt
The season will change
The sun will return.
Then when days grow longer
and warmer
When daffodils burst forth
like tiny suns themselves
We’ll gaze in wonder and awe
as if the change is new
as if it is the first time.
Let us hold onto trust,
Trust in the light’s return
But may it always, always seem like the first time.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Very nice, Mary Elizabeth.

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