Last two Coming of Age Statements

coa asher

Asher Meyer

Hello everyone, my name is Asher. Now I have been asked to write a speech about faith and what I believe in along with my three great friends who took the coming of age program with me including my mentor Aaron. I searched what the definition of faith was and what stood out to me the most was something that you believe in without proof. Now that’s obviously not the end of my speech, but ironically I like proof and that’s most of what I believe in.

Over the months of our coming of age program, we have discussed many things that have given us the chance to ponder on what we believe in. We’ve had long discussions, watched movies, and we even got to go to another UU service. And everything we have done has made me closer to finding my faith, but I am still not set in stone for anything. I have a consistency in science and only trust things that have answers, but at the same time I know that there is something bigger than us that is the reason for so many unexplainable things. I just don’t know what it is.

Now while I still wonder about these things I’m honestly not too worried about them. I’d rather live my life doing things and not thinking about what to believe in because my opinions and personality are always changing and could be completely different a year from now, but the reasons I still go back and forth on these opinions is because they are changing every experience I have. When I listen to music or perform in front of an audience I feel some sort of a connection that is the reason why I feel like there is higher power in us or connecting us which makes us have the power to do amazing things and inspire others, but at the same time I don’t think we were created by some big thing or person. The question of what you believe in is still one of the hardest questions for me to answer of all times which is why I think It’s the best of them all. Thank you.

Arik Rhone-Christensen

This is Arik: My faith in the world is that the god/goddess isn’t a whole entire  organism that made us just cause, but that it is the collected conscious of everyone tied together into one being that everyone views differently. It doesn’t mean that I can’t ask it for help at times though. I don’t believe that there is heaven or a hell, but I do believe in rebirth. I became UU because my mom was bringing to this new  church, I of course  did not argue because there  were snacks, but I have come to love the community and all of the many friends I have made here. But what really matter to me is how everyone in my life is doing and how everyone in my community.

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