Sunday and Special Services (December 2014)

Services for December 2014 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula

theme: Good News

December 7th: “Another Tale of Two Ministers”

Both Virginia and New England claim to have seen the first Thanksgiving — and they both claim credit for the first Christmas tree, too!  Here, there was Charles Minnigerode, who taught at William and Mary before he became an Episcopal priest.  In Massachusetts, there was Charles Follen, who taught at Harvard before he became a Unitarian minister.  Both came from Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany and, within ten years of each other, both had decorated trees as a Christmas tradition from their native homeland.  But who did it first?

December 14th: “Tending Our Fires”

In a town not so very far from here and not so very long ago, it was bitterly cold.  It was cold in the Winter, and it was even cold in the Summer.  When people went outside, they wrapped themselves in large coats, with such heavy hoods that it was hard to see who was inside.  Otherwise they stayed home, huddling close to their own fires, and worrying only about keeping themselves warm.  But one day, a stranger arrived.  She walked into town… and waited.

The first (9:30am) service will follow our traditional format with a sermon; the second (11am) service will include a multigenerational drama along with most other service elements.  Both services will feature special music by Barbara and Darla!

December 21st: “Experiential Winter Solstice Celebration”

EarthRising, the Fellowship’s more than quarter century old Earth-centered, Nature-oriented, Pantheist/Neopagan organization, will create an interactive Winter Solstice Celebration on Solstice Sunday, the day when time is poised between the dark and the light, as the old year withers away and the new year begins to brighten.  In this space between the dark and the light, we will take time to pause and reflect on our own transitions between the dark and the light, our past and our future, the cold and the warmth, what to let go of and what to grow towards.

Special Services for Christmas Eve!
5pm on December 24th: “Would You Like to Hold the Baby?”
7pm on December 24th: “Why Not a Star?”

We hold two services on Christmas Eve!  The earlier is a family service featuring a retelling of the Nativity story and the later is an evening service of readings and reflections.  Both services feature new and traditional Christmas carols and will conclude with the beloved ceremony of passing the flame.

Special music will be provided by the Fellowship’s fabulous musicians!

December 28th: “We’re All in This Together

The third principle of Kwanzaa is Ujima or Collective Work and Responsibility.  It invites us to consider how we might understand one another’s problems as our own problems and work to solve them together.  What does this mean for today’s struggle for racial justice under the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag?


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