Coming of Age Faith Statement

COA Ezra

Ezra Moore

I want to tell you about my experiences; my beliefs; my religion. My earliest memory of being in church was when I was 4 and I walked through the front door holding my mom’s hand and went through those double doors into the sanctuary.  And I’ve changed a lot since then- I’ve learned what I believe in through all the stories on the carpet in children’s focus, I’ve learned to argue my opinions respectfully, and the church classes gave me a chance to voice my opinions and beliefs without being ridiculed.

I believe in reincarnation. I believe in science and science tells us, “Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form.”  That’s reincarnation; Not human form to human form, but from one kind of energy to another kind of energy.  I like the idea of heaven, a restful place where peace comes. But I think it’s most likely the last few minutes or seconds of life where time takes much, much longer and it seems like a small infinity where we’re completely calm and understand peace.  Those last few seconds are our heaven here on earth where we reach total bliss and our mind slowly dies.

My religion is: we live, we feel, we reproduce (optional), & then we die. When people ask what I am, I tell them I am Unitarian Universalist. Then when the question comes, “What is that?” I say, “We believe in everyone. We are open to new ideas.”  I’m happy to tell people we do Daring and Dangerous here! Some of my best memories are from camps and retreats.  I also like my group of friends from church. It’s not like they’re my “church” friends, they’re just my friends.

We recently took a trip to DC with everyone from the Coming of Age program, and we explored the city together and had new experiences. We learned hands-on what the world is like and our chaperones trusted us to be adults and act like adults during transitions on the subways and getting around the city in the museums.  And so we became adults on the trip.  We are becoming.  Becoming many things. Becoming engineers and artists and  our dreams that are ahead of us. I’m happy to be apart of church where being yourself is the best way to be.

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