A Special Invitation For Our Sister Congregation

Alan Sheeler, President UUFP

Alan Sheeler, President UUFP

Submitted by Alan Sheeler

Greetings Fellow UU

Several months ago, Jennifer Slade, minister at our sister congregation in Norfolk, died.  She had just begun the ground work on a crusade to help the Norfolk UU’s on the road to relocation.  A project necessitated by sea level rise.  

Your congregational president, me, thought it would be meaningful to lend a hand in this time of grief and need.  So I brought the idea to Andrew, our policy board, and the other churches in our UU “cluster”.  All agreed.  The vehicle best suited for this, we determined, was faithify.org, a newly created UU crowd funding site.  With the help of Chris and Andrew this came to pass.  

Several weeks back I mentioned all of this at a Sunday service, and asked you to please consider lending a helping hand.  That time of helping is at hand.  At this Sunday’s service we will be sharing the basket with our neighbors, Unitarian Church of Norfolk.  This will be a special one-time request, and the contribution will be added to Faithify in the name of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula.    

The fund currently has pledges of $2,400 toward a goal of $10,000.  Some of our members have already contributed by going to the website and making a pledge.  If you won’t be with us on Sunday, I ask that you consider doing that too.

Please consider a generous gift this Sunday.  Let’s make it known that we are truly good neighbors.  Maybe it will become contagious.

Best Regards

Alan Sheeler


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