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Submitted by Alicia Hofler

Remember that survey the Long Range Planning Committee did last year at the UU?  Reading from the report, one of the significant findings among those who participated was “an  understanding that Leadership Development is important for our growth, leaders inspire people, and the path to leadership should include training…”

The Leadership Development Committee is hosting a town hall type discussion with some of our own successful church committee leaders to encourage interested members of the congregation to find out about committee work and how to be effective committee chairs.  We want members to feel comfortable taking on leadership roles.

Specifically we’ll target three topics:
* How to make committee work fun.
* How to delegate and engage committee members.
* How to run a meeting and keep it short.

A small number of Leaders (including Mason Moseley, Greg Gecowets, Joanne Dingus, and Aaron Hansley) with these skills have been asked to talk briefly about what makes their leadership styles work so well.

This mutual training session will take place Sunday October 26th following a service about “The Worth of Our Volunteers” by Andrew.  It will be on a Soup-er Sunday lunch day and will run from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM (demonstrating how to keep a meeting short!)

Thank you,

Alicia Hofler

Leadership Development Committee Chair


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