Thai Buddhist Sart Thai Festival (Special Invitation)

Watby Brad Garbus

I wanted to extend a very special invitation from Wat Pasantidhamma, the Buddhist Temple in Carrollton, to attend their Festival (Sart Thai Ceremony) and Thai market.

I apologize for the extremely short notice, but I wanted to pass along the invitation to anyone who would be interested in attending.   If you plan to attend please let me know so I can look for you!   If you are unable to attend this event, the monks have invited us to visit and learn more about Buddhism, Thai culture and beauty of the Forest Temple.

The Sunday Morning Forum has been discussing Buddhism this month and after being invited I wanted to extend this very special invitation.

WHEN:  10:30am Sunday, September 21, 2014

WHERE:  14289 Chapmans Ln Carrollton, VA 23314



Wat Pasantidhamma translated:  Forest Temple Peace Dhamma

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Sart Thai day falls in the middle of the traditional Thai year. It occurs on the fifteenth day of the waning moon of the tenth lunar month (sometime during September).

The word Sart, derived from the Pali language, means season and in particular autumn or fall. Sart Thai day is also referred to as Memorial Day. This is not Memorial Day as Americans might assume. In Thailand, Sart Thai is a time to remember dead relatives with prayers, Buddhist rituals, and merit making on their behalf. 

In addition, September crops (including rice) in Thailand are beginning to ripen. As such it marks the start of the harvest (not the end). From a traditional point of view people believed that the first harvest of crops should be offered to the spirits. This was thought to ensure that the harvest would be bountiful and they would avoid starvation.

One of they traditions is the preparation of a sweet dessert called “Krayasart” or “food for the Sart rite”.  This dessert consists of rice, beans, peanuts, coconut, sesame, and sugar. Lay people would bring “Krayasart” to the Temple to offer to the monks. After the offering, water was poured in dedication to dead ancestors in order to earn merit for them. People believed that the offering of “Krayasart” would mean that their ancestors would have food to eat and that the person would be blessed.

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Excerpt from website:


The Wat Pasantidhamma was founded in April 1998. This took the persistence of many hardworking and dedicated people from all walks of life. This undertaking was a true challenge and a well worth while endeavor. Many benefits and fund raisers where established to accomplish this difficult task. One of the most challenging, to locate a piece of land and a suitable dwelling to be able to accompany the monks and their mission. To serve and communicate the teachings of Buddha. With many prayers a peaceful and beautiful setting of 6.75 acres was purchased in Carrollton,Va. With the hard work of many friends and followers the land was transformed into a place of scenic and serene beauty. The forest located behind the temple is ideal for meditation and prayer.

There are special occasions and events scheduled every month. This includes the offering of food to the forest monks every two weeks followed by prayer ,fellowship and Meditation. The WAT has 2014 calendars available which denotes this and other special events/occasions.

Traditional Thai holidays and special occasions that are celebrated in the country of Thailand are also observed here at the temple ie. H.R.M. the King’s birthday and many other religious ceremonies. Those celebrations are conducted in according to the Thai traditions and are very educational and beautiful for all to observe.

Everyone is welcome to join us in the very beautiful, peaceful surroundings at the WAT. The fellowship of the Thai community, and the culture can only be appreciated by experience. Meditation is conducted every evening at 6:30, but the door is always open.

We all hope you will take the opportunity to come and join us.


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  1. Brad Garbus says:

    If anyone is interested there will be two more events in October on the 12th and 26th same time, same place.

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