Announcements (August 2014)


There will be no get-together in the month of August;  our next lunch will be September 16th.  Enjoy the rest of the summer!

For any questions please contact Esther at 369-1858.



Our Sunday morning 9:30 learning/discussion program has a new name: SUNDAY MORNING FORUM. The Adult Education Committee chose this title to better delineate the activities of that program—we learn through discussion— the program is open to all not just adults.

SUNDAY MORNING FORUM schedule for August

Aug. 2: Dawn Hutchinson—Understanding the faith of two 19th century American Churches– The 7th Day Adventist and The Jehovah Witness faith..

Aug 10: Bob Smith—American Protestant Fundamentalism-Session #1

Aug. 17:Bob Smith—Fundamentalism-Session #2

Aug. 24: Ken Goodrich—Lost Christianities #1

Aug 31:  Ken Goodrich—Lost Christianities #2


Any announcements not submitted may be added to this post at a later date and/or posted via other communication venues.  


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