Lay Pastoral Care Associate Introduction by Brad Garbus

by Brad Garbus

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Brad Garbus
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Good morning. My name is Brad Garbus.  While I am nervous speaking in front of more than 3 people, I am very honored to speak today about something that is very close to my heart.

Being an introvert, I naturally prefer to listen. Having to grow up at a very young age, after the passing of my father, and many other life changing events ­ it has taught me to listen compassionately and deeply.

My ongoing goal in life is to live authentically and compassionately. To avoid the human impulse to judge or criticize anyone, especially in a time of need. I believe our congregation needs this program as Rev. Andrew is only one person and as you can see from the roped off rows (about 10 seats were ropped off where congregants would sit that normally are unable to attend)  … we have many members who can’t be here for many different reasons. Being able to spend time with them, taking the warmth we share in this beloved community to them, when they are unable to be here, is very important.

During the short time I have been a UUFP member, I have seen many new faces walkin our doors and as our numbers grow so does the real need for Lay Pastoral Care. There are times when we all need someone with an open heart to hear us. Tret’s song touches the core of why this program is so important. We have all experienced life changing events in our lives, and we will continue to struggle with life’s twists and turns as time goes on. Learning from these experiences helps us grow and gives us the opportunity to become more compassionate and more human.

As a Lay Pastoral Care Associate it will be my honor to listen compassionately and be a caring presence for anyone that needs support. No one who walks through our doors, in body or spirit, should have to feel alone or excluded, especially in a time of need.

I am sincerely grateful to be of service. Thank you…

(This 5 minute introduction was given at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula on August 3rd, 2014.)




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  1. excellent choice for the position. All is well, but good to know you are there. Brad The First.

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