Birthdays (August 2014)

Many Happy Returns to our UUFP members and friends who will be celebrating their birthdays in August!  They are:


Gayle Phillips

Jeanie Goldberg

Asher Meyer

Nancy Emery

Tom Hagner

Kim Hummel

Selena Carlson-Hagstrom

Dan Luke

Neil Bates

Judy Remsberg

Sandy Burkes-Campbell

Shea McIntyre

Allison Black

Sophia Hagstrom

Bob Mosolf

If you have an birthday that we’ve overlooked, please get in touch with Bobbie Schilling (UUFP Membership Committee) at:

Herman Melville

Herman Melville

Herman Melville (August 1, 1819 – September 28, 1891) was an American novelist, poet, and writer of short stories. His contributions to the Western canon are the whaling novel Moby-Dick (1851),  In Herman Melville’s Religious Journey, Walter Donald Kring detailed his discovery of letters indicating that Melville had been a member of the Unitarian Church of All Souls in New York City.


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