Birthdays (July 2014)

Many Happy Returns to our UUFP members and friends who will be celebrating their birthdays in July!  They are:


Photographed by Andrew Millard

Katie Engel
Henry Chambers
Carey Hall
Robert Higinbotham
Jesse Robertson
Ada Van Tine
Betsy Hughes
Brittany Welch
Rich Glenn-Albiez
Mayah Moore
Aurora Hagstrom
John Templeton
Isabella Strom
Olivia Millard
Dawn Hutchinson
Sally Thomas
Gabrielle Bevins
Anna Carlson
Kim van der Veen
Brad Harper
Connie Ralston
Lucy Van Tine
Leonard Schneider

If you have an birthday that we’ve overlooked, please get in touch with UUFP Membership Chair Bobbie Schilling at:

PT BarnumPhineas Taylor Barnum (July 5, 1810-April 7, 1891), known as P. T. Barnum, a prominent Universalist, the most influential American showman of the nineteenth century, was the founder of the first financially successful museum in America to gain wide public support and creator of the modern three-ring circus.


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