$500 Dollars back for your favorite project

submitted by Parker Stokes, Trustee

UUFP Endowment plans to give back $500 to support UU ideals and the mission of our church.

Where will this money best be spent? —Please help the church Trustees decide by giving us your ideas.

We are looking for projects where our contribution would have an important impact and promote our shared visions outlined in our Mission Statement, the Seven Principals and the Seven Promises.

The Trustees invite you to submit your idea and a brief explanation of how it would promote our shared dreams. We will meet in the first week of July too make a decision and we hope this will become an annual event. If you have a question, submission or would like to make a contribution, call one of the trustees listed below.

Parker Stokes 595-1928           pstokes77@cox.net

Roy Schilling 249-2586             va_skibums@hotmail.com

Judy Remsberg 876-5413         remsberg2@msn.com



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