Sunday Services (June 2014)

Services for June 2014 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula

theme: Generations

June 1st: “Bringing Wholeness

One of the most beloved liturgies performed by Unitarian Universalist congregations is the Flower Communion, created by Czech Unitarian Norbert Čapek to honor and celebrate the uniqueness and value of each and every individual.  Each person brings a flower, and together they form a beautiful bouquet, as unique and irreplaceable as each of the individuals in it.

Note: For the Flower Communion, please bring one flower (preferably with a long stem) for each person attending the service.

Special music will be offered by the UUFP Winds!  We’ll celebrate the Bridging of one of our high-school youth into young adulthood at the second (11am) service.

June 8th: “Too Great a Deed”

In the beginning, there were no stories on the Earth at all.  For all of the stories were owned by Nyame, the Sky God.  That is, until Anansi, the Spider, threw his silken web up, up, up into the sky and asked the price of the Sky God’s stories.  When Anansi agreed to Nyame’s price, the other gods laughed, because it required too great a deed of such a tiny spider.  And yet, Anansi must have succeeded, or else we would not be telling the story now!

The first (9:30am) service will follow our traditional format with a sermon; the second (11am) service will include a multigenerational drama along with most other service elements.

June 15th: “For All Ages”

The Fellowship offers many opportunities to bring together people of different generations to learn from and with one another.  Having intentionally engaged in activities for all ages over the last year, what have we learned?  What do a Gen-Xer and a Millennial see for the future of the church?  And how can we be inspired to seize the future by the experiments already underway in congregations and beyond?

Jaimie DingusRev. Andrew is pleased to share the pulpit with Jaimie Dingus.  Having grown up at the Fellowship, Jaimie has completed her first year as student majoring in Religious Studies at Boston University.  At BU, Jaimie is an undergraduate intern at Marsh Chapel and runs the children’s ministry program.  She is also an active member of the music leadership team for The Sanctuary Boston, an emergent UU worship community.

Special music will be offered by the UUFP’s ChorUUs!

June 22nd: “A Social Network”

The last few years have seen a tremendous boom in the number of ways that people can communicate with one another.  Thanks to Internet technology, we are able to share ideas and information and inspiration with one another directly, enabling revolutions both large and small.  While some seek to shut down or limit such technologies in pursuit of power or wealth, there are older institutions that are simply challenged to adapt, including books, newspapers and television… and religion!

June 29th: “Liberal Religion – International”

Meredith Winn will explore the history of international Unitarianism, especially in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Romania, and will recount personal experiences interacting with those groups, both through the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Partner Church Council and through independent contacts.

Meredith and his wife Marilyn have been members of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church in Glen Allen for thirteen years.  Meredith is a chemical engineering graduate of Virginia Tech and is currently semi-retired from an environmental consulting firm in Hanover County.  In addition to guest preaching in Richmond and Glen Allen, he has given sermons in London, England and Downpatrick, Northern Ireland.


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Andrew serves as minister to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula in Newport News, Virginia.
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