Southeast District 2014 Annual Meeting

By Sandra and Lin: Photo (taken by Henry)


Henry and Lin Chambers

The annual meeting of our district was held at UUF Raleigh NC on April 25- 26, 2014. UUFP sent 3 delegates: Henry and Lin Chambers, and Sandra Engelhardt. Three other districts of the Southern Region held their meetings at the same time, so that Jim Key, the UUA Moderator could speak to all four at once. There were 36 congregations represented of the 63 in the southeast district, including 5 congregations from Virginia. Friday night was “Cookies and Conversation” after dinner with the district board. The new way of doing business was explained and many questioned were answered. The delegates were told the information would be put on the web site: “”. Representatives of our district board and of the Southern Region office explained the new policies and procedures. Bottom line – clusters are going to be much more important as districts become less important.

UUFP delegates were authorized to wear four different ribbons. First is the blue delegate ribbon. Your congregation has to authorize you as a delegate to represent them at the meeting in order that you can vote. The green ribbon is the GIFT Program which stands for “Generously Investing For Tomorrow”. The Southeast District is part of a pilot program testing whether it makes sense for a congregation to give a percentage of its operating budget instead of so much per member (aka dues). The idea is to enable growth rather than burdening growth. The purple ribbon is for the individuals who are Chalice Lighters. This means that 2 or 3 times a year they are willing to donate a small amount towards the growth of a congregation. The growth can be for land, a new building or a minister. UUFP has benefitted form this program on two separate occasions so far. The red ribbon is for District Dues Fair Share. This means that UUFP has paid the dues that were requested by the district for the past year to support UUA and regional activities. Finally, the Annual Program Fund Honor Congregation ribbon is purple. This indicates that our congregation has supported the annual program fund for 25 years! Actually, UUFP has done this since our chartering in 1958, and we hope to be able to continue it this year through some generous giving from our members and friends.



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