Bring in and Click

submitted by David Walsh


Helping the Fellowship is easy with the “Bring in and Click” program in two different ways. Here’s how it works:

  1. Used book sales are a major source of funds* for the church because we list and sell them on Amazon! When you dust off those book shelves, box up your books and bring them to the Fellowship, we’ll sell them on for the support of the Fellowship. Your home looks neater and our Fellowship home benefits!
  2. Who doesn’t love Amazon? The second way we work with Amazon is by clicking theamazon smile logo1> logo on, the Fellowship gets a commission. You’re probably going on Amazon anyway, right?

Please remember the Fellowship when you shop!

*Amazon sales have earned the Fellowship more than $50,000 in the last ten years!


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  1. Kim Hummel says:

    This is a good program, and I am glad the UUFP participates. What a great source of revenue!

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