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submitted by The Grounds Guy

Spring has arrived, and the grounds are beginning to wake…so it’s time for us to help things along!

Mark your calendars for Saturday May 10th and our Third Annual Spring Spruce-up! It’s time to clean up the winter’s worst, and give the new flowers and grass a good start into a beautiful summer. As usual, there will be food. Coffee and snacks will be ready before 8:30, but we’ll welcome you whenever you show up. There will be trees and shrubs to prune, flower beds to weed and mulch, grass to trim, branches to clear, gum balls to gather…plenty of work for all hands, large and small.

Speaking of gum balls, we really need your help this spring. Our gum trees are dropping many, many gum balls onto parking lots and walkways. This is a big safety issue; we need to clear them twice per week until they’re all done…that means having volunteers come out before Wednesday and again before Sunday. There’s a sign-up sheet near the Greeter’s Podium in the entry way. Please give us a hand!

While you’re signing up, we’re also taking volunteers for mowing season. With enough volunteers, each mowing team should only have to worry about one week a month…and we supply the equipment! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Roy Schilling at

Come enjoy nature’s beauty first-hand…and don’t be afraid to get that hand dirty at UUFP!

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The Grounds Guy



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