Does Amazon really help?

David Walsh (UUFP Webmaster)

David Walsh
(UUFP Webmaster)

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We receive funds from Amazon in two ways:

• Used books you bring to church are sold on

• Anything you buy on using our links provides a commission to the Fellowship. (We try to make it easy with links on our web site, the 
and Facebook!)

How are we doing this year?

On-line: As of today, we have earned $988.01! (The same period last year was $439.92.  see the growth?)

Now about those boxes of used books you bring in…

1. You bring them in

2. They get sorted and listed on-line

3. They sell, they get shipped and we get paid

4. As of today, we have earned $5,366, with the rest of March through June to go! (The same period last year was $4,582. See the growth?)

5. We can really use padded mailing envelopes and small boxes, too.

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