New UUFP Members

Our newest members were recognized during the Sunday services on March 2nd.  Their biographies are listed below.  Please make them feel welcome by introducing yourself to them, having a conversation with them during coffee hour, or inviting them to join you at a UUFP activity such as Game Night, Adult RE, Second Sunday Lunch, Book Club, or Goddess Circle to name a few. 

1 Rachel and John Toth

Rachel and John Toth


John Toth recently relocated to this area with his wife from Northern Virginia. John grew up in Danville, VA, but has done a great deal of traveling. Speaking Taiwanese with his mother as a child, he has a natural ability with Asian languages and spent 5 years as a Cryptologic Linguist for the Air Force. He now works as a computer engineer at Langley AFB. John has many hobbies including photography, working on cars and motorcycles, racing cars, working on computers, and cooking.

Rachel Townsley Toth graduated from Tabb High in 1994, Hollins University in 1998, and then moved to the DC area where she lived and worked for over 11 years as a Project Manager. She has recently been offered a job teaching music to kids, but also spends time building the family photography business and helping with her Dad’s nonprofit organization (a leadership retreat for high school students). While in college, Rachel studied music, and she still enjoys singing and plunking the piano. Rachel and her husband John are excited about recently becoming certified foster parents for the City of Hampton. 

2 Bill Allen

Bill Allen

Bill Allen is a Hampton Roads native who grew up in the United Methodist Church.  A fan of the arts, he has been a participant in a multitude of choirs and theatrical productions for many years.  After graduating from Kecoughtan High School, he earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and theatre from Randolph-Macon College in 2010.  During high school, he felt a call to ministry and followed up his undergrad studies with a three-year program at Boston University’s School of Theology where he earned a Masters of Divinity with a focus in pastoral studies.  In his free time, he plays too many video games, watches too much on Netflix, and enjoys the occasional hookah.

3 Janice Bayer

Janice Bayer

Janice Bayer grew up in Margate, New Jersey, home of Lucy the Elephant. After attending Cornell University for a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and Penn State for a Master’s in Engineering Mechanics, she got stuck in Hampton Roads the way a lot of us get stuck: she hooked up with someone who wanted to stay. She is no longer married, and is looking! In her spare time, Janice enjoys seeing friends, riding her motorcycle, watching movies, and generally looking for trouble. She hopes to play volleyball again this summer after finishing shoulder rehab.

4 Margot Harding

Margot Harding

Margot Harding has been a UU all her life.  The first UU church her family attended was the fellowship in Cumberland, Maryland, where she was dedicated.  Her memory of this church was that it was very large and much more church like.  Her family moved to Fulton, Missouri, when she was 13.  While there was no UU church close by, her parents were still active in liberal movements.  Her dad was a member of the NAACP, and they had many dinner discussions about civil rights and liberal politics.  Margot has moved several more times in her life – first moving to Seattle, WA, then New Bern, NC, Alpharetta, GA, and now here.  She did not start attending a UU church again until she moved to Georgia and felt very alone.  Her mom encouraged her to try going to a UU church.  She also wanted a place for her son Billy to learn about liberal religion.  She joined the UUMAN congregation in Roswell, GA, and had the “privilege” to hold many leadership positions there:  Music Council chair, Vice President, President of the Board, Program Council chair and member of the Service Planning Committee.  Margot started a new spiritual search while she was there – exploring Buddhism, Taoism and Integral Spirituality.  She is so happy to be joining the UUFP now to continue her spiritual path and provide an opportunity for her son Billy to continue his growth as a UU. 

Nicole Lorsong

Nicole Lorsong

Nicole Lorsong came to Hampton Roads in 2013 from Maryland, along with her husband, Matt, and two children, Benjamin and Brodie. Prior to moving, Nicole worked for many years as a registered nurse in maternal/child and gynecological health, but has since taken a break to focus on home schooling her children. New to UU, she has been delighted to find a community and “home away from home” at UUFP. In her free time, Nicole enjoys painting, baking, and hiking.


Please be sure to give our newest members a very warm welcome next time you see them!

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