Report on Certification to the UUA

Report on Certification to the UUA

Certification to the UUA is required on an annual basis by February 1.  The following was the information certified this year.

Number of members: 163 (last year was 160)
RE Enrollment: 49
Pledging Units: 113
Pledging Income: $159,844 (last year was $149,174)
Average Weekly Attendance: 121
Non-member Friends: 22
Total Expenditures: $180,326  (Last year was $187,037)
Fiscal Year Starts: July 1

The congregation’s mailing address was confirmed as:

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula
13136 Warwick Blvd
Newport News, VA 23602
United States

The congregation’s meeting address was confirmed as:

415 Young’s Mill Lane
Newport News, VA 23602
United States

Contact information:
Telephone: (757) 369-1098
Fax: none
Web Page:

Congregation is wheelchair accessible.

Congregation provides listening assistance.

The Congregation’s vote on the Congregational Poll on Proposed Congregational Study/Action Issues (CSAIs) –  the following five were chose:

–          Empowerment: Age and Ability Reconsidered

–          Ending the War on Terror

–          Escalating Inequality

–          Gun Violence: A Public Health Issue

–          Renewing and Securing Our American Democracy

Certification Report submitted by Mary-Elizabeth Cotton, Church Administrator on January 24, 2014


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