Announcements (February 2014)

How can we have a relationship with earning, spending, giving, and investing that is spiritually healthy and grounded in our deepest values?

While money is a pervasive part of our day-to-day existence, it often receives little attention in our religious lives. So a new program has been developed that helps participants understand how decisions and attitudes about money can be a more effective force for living lives of meaning and value, and for creating positive change in themselves, their congregations and groups, our society and the world. Rev. Andrew will offer this program, Tuesday evenings in February, March and April, starting at 7pm on Feb. 4th in the Sanctuary; child-care will be available. For more information, please contact Andrew.


Soup Social

February 23rd Join us at UUFP after second service (around 1pm) for our monthly Soup Social coupled with a special presentation of experiences from the Mass Moral Rally, a showing of the documentary State of Conflict and a discussion to follow.


Evolution vs. Creationism streaming debate!

Tuesday, February 4th, 7pm – 9:30pm at the UUFP Office/Administration Building
Bill Nye, the Science Guy vs. Ken Ham, Director of the Creationism Museum in a live streaming debate entitled “”Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?” Discussion to follow the debate.


LINK of Hampton Roads is having a socks & underwear drive!

They are in need of items for men & women especially but can use children’s items too. Please leave items in the LINK basket at church or give to Sarah Davis directly. LINK will happily take money or gift cards instead or as well.

You can always drop items directly at LINK (10413 Warwick Boulevard,Newport News, VA 23601, around back) M-F 10:30-3:30.

Please feel free to share this with others including your local neighborhood, professional, academic, civic, social or religious networks. Think SOCKS & UNDERWEAR!


State of the Pulpit: Finishing The Job
By Steve Kadar, Sunday Services Committee chair

As many of you know the model for the new pulpit was on display in January for viewing. On January 14 the Sunday Services committee reviewed the many written comments received. We requested one slight design change making the entire unit five inches smaller than shown, and have requested the Policy Board approve funding for the construction.

Due to weather the PB meeting was cancelled so the SSC has asked for an administrative approval to secure funding so construction can begin immediately. It is anticipated that the new pulpit will be complete and ready for use (with a formal dedication) to be held in March along with a ceremony to “de-commission” the old pulpit.



We will have our February lunch at 12:30 on TUESDAY Feb. 18th. We have changed our monthly get-togethers from Thursdays to Tuesdays. If you have not been free to join us on Thursdays perhaps you can now make it on Tuesdays. Please call Esther at 369-1858 for details.


Adult Religious Education Topic

2/2 Attia: Is the obesity crisis hiding a bigger problem?
Attia, a young surgeon, challengies what we think we know about nutrition and obesity.


Got Kids?

Families with kids of all ages are invited every 3rd Sunday to enjoy a potluck lunch and fellowship after the second service.
On February 16th, we will begin our Love Quest by compiling care packages for our loved ones who are far and by choosing different ways to show love and kindness over the month (i.e. help carry groceries; send a “just because” note/picture to a relative; donate clothing or toys; when feeling tired or grumpy say or do something kind to/for a sibling or friend; participate in a clean-up day at the UUFP).
Forget a food dish for the potluck? Stay anyway and help put together the care packages or just share in the company. Kids will bring completed Quest lists back on the 3rd Sunday in March, 3/16, when we will celebrate how LUCKY we are to be a part of a loving community (with a tie in to St. Patrick’s Day).
Questions or concerns? Ask Rachel or e-mail


Care Packages

Seeking items and addresses! The Got Kids? families would like to remind our college students and other young people away from home that we are still thinking about them. We will be making care packages on Sunday, February 16. Please drop off donations at the UUFP and e-mail names and questions to Joanne or Rachel at
NAMES/ADDRESSES for young family members away from home who may appreciate a UUFP care package.
FOOD: small bags of chips, pretzels, or party mix; granola or protein bars; tea or lemonade mix; hot chocolate or coffee; small bags of dried fruit and nuts; mac n cheese cups
PERSONAL CARE: Vitamin C (drink mix); lip balm; whimsical loofa; new washcloths; small bottles of shampoo or lotion
EXTRAS: Sticky notes; card or travel games; holiday decorations; stamps; gift cards


Bellydance Bargain Bazaar

On Saturday, March 1, Treasures in the Sand Mid-Eastern Dance Troupe will be hosting a bellydance-theme rummage sale (12 pm) and dance performance (3 pm) at the UUFP. Shopping is FREE, and show tickets are $3.
For more information, please ask Rachel or e-mail


Homeschool Co-op

Homeschooling Adventures Beyond Curriculum (HABC) is undergoing a face lift! This inclusive cooperative geared towards pre-k and elementary homeschoolers meets weekly at the UUFP. For more information, ask Rachel B. or go to


Goddess Circle

February 2nd , 2014

This is an open discussion circle for both men & women.
Goddesses are chosen from various world religions as a starting place for group discussion.
When: 1st Sun. of each month after the 2nd service-about noon
Where: in the Caum room Why: potluck, fellowship and fun

Childcare arranged with advance notice. Please contact with any questions.


If your announcement is missing please email them to and we will add them for online viewing.


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