Prayer of Hope

Prayer of Hope, by Mary-Elizabeth Cotton

In this season of hope
May all the peoples of the earth
Walk more softly,
Speak more kindly,
Act in ways that unite
Rather than divide
Think of giving rather
Than getting
Let go of ego
To unblind their eyes to the other.

May love and tranquility
Begin to triumph over
Hatred and misunderstanding
May they soothe shattered hearts
Calm angry souls
Appease greedy spirits.

May resentment be dissolved
and bitterness sweetened
May we see ourselves in others’ eyes
And become one with them
Rejoicing in their success
Compassionate in their pain
Knowing they are we
And we are they.

May this dream be shared
by the entire world

let it begin here
with this community,
This family,
This home.

by Mary-Elizabeth Cotton

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