Equality Virginia Milestone

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Brad Garbus
(FLAME Keeper)

Equality Virginia License Plates are ready to reserve!  This is a major milestone for our LGBT community.

One way of showing communities across the commonwealth that you care about LGBT equality is to sign up for an equality license plate!  A number of Equality Virginia supporters have shown an interested for an equality plate.  As a result, we are working with legislators to pass a bill this session that will give Virginians the option to put an equality license plate on their car.  We are at the next step in the process, and need your continued involvement!  In order for the DMV to make the equality plate available, Equality Virginia must submit 450 prepaid applications….soon.  Submit your prepaid application today!  Together, we can show Virginia that there is enough interest in this license plate. Please show your support and follow the steps below to submit your prepaid application.


Please act promptly if you are interested:



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