Religious Education for Children and Youth (November 2013)

By Joanne Dingus 

Talk to each other

As you may know, the overall theme for this year at the Fellowship is “Multi-Generationalism.” Offering activities for all ages has long been part of our culture at UUFP, so making an intentional effort to schedule and promote multi-generational events seemed a fitting way to honor and enrich this tradition. For me the idea started when I saw this photo posted on Facebook. “Talk to old people, they know cool stuff you don’t. Talk to young people, they know cool stuff you don’t.” Two simple statements that offer a lot to think about.

Since September, Andrew and I and the RE committee have talked about what a year of multi-generational activities would look like. Our Annual Retreat at the end of October is a great example of how people of all ages can enjoy time together. Our music program does a great job of encouraging musicians young and old to play music for our services. We have a Got Kids group that provides times for families to get together and we will have a Coming of Age class starting in January where students and mentors will learn from each other.

This year we are planning a Winter Festival to be held on December 7th  from noon to 4:00pm. We will trim the tree together and decorate the church for the holiday season. But we would also like to set up workshops where people of all ages can create something together. So I invite you to think about “cool stuff” you know that you would like to share with others. Do you know how to knit? Do you like to cook? Or bake? Is there a holiday craft you could share with others? Is there a game you could teach? Do you like to tell stories? What do you know? What is your “cool stuff?”

If you have an idea, please let Joanne know so we can provide you with the materials you need to share your gift at the Winter Festival.

In addition to workshops that day we will have a potluck, open up the re-gift store and go caroling. We can accept donations for the re-gift store on any Sunday in November. Gently used items for all ages are welcome. Something you’re ready to give away just may make the perfect gift for somebody else this year!

See you in the RE!

Joanne Dingus  (Director of Religious Education)

Joanne Dingus
(Director of Religious Education)


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  1. Rosalee Pfister says:

    Count me in for telling a story or two! I have a special story that tells of a girl who gave for her people…The Story of the Blue Bonnet. Also count me in to teach a workshop on making beaded lizard key chains/ ornaments or bracelets. A wreath workshop would be another top choice of mine if anyone wants to co-teach with me and bring in some greens. I could do either of these ideas, just let me know as time gets closer. P.S. Will this conflict with the lock-in and also the clean-up which are all planned for this same day, I believe??

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