Around the Grounds

by Greg Gecowets, The Grounds Guy

Fall is here, and it’s a season of many activities…and that includes the Fellowship!

Despite the rain, we had a great turnout and got many things done during the Fall Fix-up. Several broken fence parts are now repaired; leaves, weeds, and twigs have been cleared away; and several of our overgrown trees have been brought back into balance. A very heartfelt “Thanks!” goes out to all who joined us.

We’re almost caught up from missing our July work day (if you have some time to spare, I can steer you to our unfinished business). But we can’t rest on our laurels…as the season continues to change, our green trees will shortly give way to bright colors…colors that will quickly find themselves back on the ground as fall gives way to winter.

So it’s time to mark your calendars again…Saturday December 7th will be our Third Annual Leaf Roundup and Branch Rodeo. I’ll even go out on a limb and offer to flip pancakes to get folks off to a warm start that morning. And with all the branches we brought down in October, our favorite chipper will be back to create fresh mulch! Keep an eye out for additional information.

Next, I’d like to publically thank our current roster of garden gnomes…Mason and Patricia Moseley, Brandy Bergenstock, and Alan, Michelle, and Jesse Sheeler…who have been handling almost all of our week-to-week mowing duties. Without their help, we’d be using a machete to cross the yard, not to mention potentially losing several of our youngest members in the wilderness.

One final note…we all thought my June column would be my last as the Grounds Guy. Surprise! (…and no one is more surprised than me!) While I’ve picked up the conductor’s baton, I still haven’t been able to drop the overalls (so to speak). We’re still looking for a replacement, and a green thumb is not a requirement. Feel free to contact the leadership development committee (or me) for more information.

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