Sunday Service Committee Announcement

Steve Kadar, Sunday Services Committee chair

Steve Kadar, Sunday Services Committee chair

The Sunday Services Committee has launched our new method of transitioning between the end of the quiet music as part of our meditation period before second service into the start of service itself at 11AM.  (First service at 9:30AM will continue to go straight from pre-service music into “Welcome and Announcements” as before.)

At about three minutes before the hour, the musician will segue into “Enter, Rejoice and Come In”.  When the people already in the Sanctuary join in singing, and once the volume of singing has increased so that it can be heard from outside the Sanctuary, we will ring the bell (as we always do) and the doors to the Sanctuary will be opened.  The singing serve as “invitation” from those within the Sanctuary to those outside it to “enter, rejoice and come in” as we gather for service.

Our hope is that people coming through the Sanctuary doors will start singing, too, and that this will provide a less jarring transition from the pre-service quiet time into the service itself.


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