State of the Pulpit Update

Steve Kadar, Sunday Services Committee chair

Steve Kadar, Sunday Services Committee chair

By Steve Kadar, Sunday Services Committee chair

Back in January I wrote an article called “State of the Pulpit” about the deteriorating condition of our “Physical” pulpit which has been in use since the sanctuary building opened.  A “Town Meeting” was held in April with a variety of comments from those in attendance.  The Sunday Services Committee (SSC) then requested from the Policy Board guidance on this subject, and we have been given full autonomy in terms of solving this problem.  We then developed an action plan that is currently being implemented.  I asked UUFP members to serve on a special committee to look at options and make recommendation for replacing the pulpit.  From this “invitation”, Brandy Bergenstock, Patricia Moseley and Judy Remsberg formed the Pulpit Design Committee (PDC).  SundayServices then developed parameters for a new pulpit and via Jeff Hinkley, the Sunday Services Committee liaison with the Pulpit Design Committee, those parameters were distributed for use.  Currently, the Pulpit Design Committee is looking at options and will present 2 to 3 choices for a new pulpit including potential costs.  These options will be shared with the fellowship (the SundayServices Committee will request “written comments” on these options).  This input should led to the selection of a final design, and hopefully either construction or purchase will occur and in time a new pulpit will be in place and in use.


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  1. How many UU’s does it take to buy a Pulpit? This is a utilitarian piece of furniture. I tend to look at the person behind the pulpit as hopefully they are more animated.

  2. Lauren Furey says:

    You can delete me from the article. I was unable to attend meetings due to a huge event at work and the others were unwilling to change meeting dates. Lauren


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